Very Rich (7")


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Born and raised in Austin, TX, Chris McDowell, most well known for his other moniker Solar Shield, he has released 2 records via label and DJ Collective, Austin Boogie Crew. His first 45 release, “Reesis” sold out within a couple weeks and has been repressed multiple times. His second self-titled 12” record is on it’s way to being out of print.
His latest project Very Rich is a fun blend of techno and modern boogie. As a virtuoso who is well versed on almost any instrument McDowell utilizes live instrumentation & sequencers to give his sound a
unique and organic feel.

Chris is also an electrical engineer & owner of Super Synthesis , a musical instrument design and manufacturing firm based in Austin, specializing in analog and digital synthesizer modules in the Eurorack format. Building his own synths to play out at shows has been one of his many musical passions.