Kinder - MG (TAPE) [GiD-016]


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Kinder - MG (TAPE) [GiD-016]
Kinder - MG (TAPE) [GiD-016]
San Marcos-based electronic producer Kinder intertwines elements of jazz, funk, new age & house on his new album entitled “MG” [GiD-017]. Applying his background as a bassist and his ear for lovely chord progressions Kinder creates a lane of his own in the GiD catalogue.

Utilizing live instrumentation & a little programming he gives his sound a unique and organic feel. The album titled “MG” is derived from his heavy implementation of the classic Moog synthesizer that is found all over the release. After using the MG for years Kinder wanted to take a deeper dive into the iconic piece of gear. The goal was to apply it in a different manner than he had in the past.

FFO: Theo Parrish, Jack J, Seven Davis Jr., Black Jazz Consortium, Gaussian Curve, Pender Street Steppers

Equipment list:

Concertmate Moog MG-1
Kawai K3
Yamaha CP-30...  more

Kinder - all synths, percussion, samples, tapes, etc.
Design: Julian C. Duron
Photo: Cecil Sparkman
Released: May 29, 2020
Kinder - MG (TAPE) [GiD-016]
Kinder - MG (TAPE) [GiD-016]